Dole Smoothie Blends

Supercharge your day the Dole way! Energize your senses with eye-opening flavors or revitalize post-workout with our delicious and nutritious blends. Start your day with a delicious smoothie experience.


  • Dole® Boosted Blends


  1. Simply measure 1.5 to 2 cups of the milk of your choice, depending on desired thickness, and pour into a blender.
  2. Empty one DOLE BOOSTED BLENDS® 8 oz. bag into the blender, cover and blend until smooth. Makes a 20-24 fl. oz. smoothie, depending on the amount of liquid added.

Want to level up your smoothie game? Customize your blend with your favorite power-ups like chia seeds, flax, almond milk, yogurt, and more!